The Strategic Dark RDS™ Kydex Handcuff Case was designed specifically for LEO/GOV agencies in need of rapidly detaining high-risk individuals.

In conjunction with the Peerless 802 series hinge cuff or S&W Model 300, the system allows for rapid deployment from the holster to the "Cuff Ready Position" with little or no adjustment in hand prior to application. Visual reference of gate openings is not required further allowing the user to focus solely on the subject and surrounding environment.

The case allows for interface with traditional duty belts via a Comp-Tac Push-Button Locking Mount (PLM) Clip, and allows for interface with molle vests, and molle duty belts via Molle Lok Straps.

Level 2 retention for airborne operations can be achieved via the removable shock cord strap and S&S Precision pull tab provided but is not required.

Materials and Manufacturing Process:

The RDS™ is the first and only handcuff case that is compression molded from Aircraft grade virgin Kydex Brand, kydex. This material provides a strength and durability that far surpasses the typical reground kydex used in most holsters on the market.

The virgin aircraft grade kydex is molded at higher temperatures and pressures than can be achieved with reground kydex and further allows us a 360-degree trim of all excess kydex. The result is a high strength, low profile, holster with an almost milled look that eliminates any unnecessary materials.


RDS™ cases orient the Peerless 802 series handcuffs in a hinge up position. When deployment is desired, the user indexes and draws the handcuffs utilizing their index and middle finger. Upon draw, the user allows the handcuffs to open at the hinges into the palm of their hand. The user then closes their hand around the center creating the "cuff ready position". Handcuffs are then applied.

Peerless 801 & 802 Hinged Cuffs

The Peerless 802 series hinge cuff was specifically selected for this project for both its large gate openings and twist value at the hinge making rapid application on both compliant and actively resisting subjects faster than comparable models.

(PLM mounts provide 45- and 90-degree mounting positions.)

(Molle-Lok Mounts provide vertical and horizontal 90 degree only positions.)

S & W Model 300 Hinged Cuffs

The S&W Model 300 Hinged Cuffs are ultra durable at the hinge but provide less torsion. The gate openings are smaller than the Peerless cuffs; however, these are a superior handcuff offering extreme durability and they fit well in our holsters.