Condition Gray

POLICE Placard (Condition Gray)


The Condition Gray POLICE placard was created as a discreet-carry, high visibility/reflective deconfliction aid for undercover and off duty officers. Folding up to a 1”x 5” roll it can be stowed until needed. Once deployed it unfolds to a 10”x 5” front and back placard with high visibility reflective 3” police lettering within seconds or can be flipped on its blank side prior to a jump out keeping the POLICE tucked away until you need it. The size and construction make it ideal for plainclothes officer usage, surveillance teams, UC operations and off-duty response where badged up kit isn’t accessible. With direct feedback from local, state and federal officers doing low visibility work the placard addresses the needs of today’s officer for being able to ensure deconfliction, mobility, and access gear without the bulk of a raid jacket but with the visibility to ensure proper ID. Each corner is reinforced for long term storage but reflective shock cord is meant to break away in small sections to avoid use in combative’s situation while effecting arrest should you go hands on.

*****Must be active LEO to purchase this ******
After you submit your order please email a copy of your active credentials to for verification or use you department email for the purchase.

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