Black Triangle

Black Triangle PCTL


PCTL (Pain Compliance Tool- Lethal)

Originally developed as a non-lethal alternative for close protection professionals working in capacities where even our point-driven tools were not permissive. The PCT (pain compliance tool) was fielded to professionals in both private and government sectors in exchange for feedback on its functionality. The PCT-L was what resulted from the feedback- A non-metallic tool that can enable the user to exercise lethal and non-lethal movements in an encounter. 

OAL 5 3/16”

Hilt to tip 3 1/8” L

Overall Width 2 3/8”

PCTL has a chisel grind but no edge & the tip is slightly blunted in order to preserve tip integrity. All Black Triangle G10 tools are point-driven. 

G10 tools come packaged in original Black Triangle VHS case and include black summer holographic sticker.

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